Friday, June 27, 2014


This morning my daughter and I were talking and the topic of voice mail (not an answering machine) greetings came up.  I mentioned how our home phone has a generic nice, more professional greeting and how my cell phone has a fun, more personal greeting - which starts as "Heeellllllooooooooo!"  I explained how it came from a Seinfeld episode years ago.  Her response, "Mom, nobody knows what that is."

Then last night, she was going through a box of books my mother-in-law gave us, which includes some books on CD and some on tape.  She found a few of the latter that sounded interesting to her and came to me asking, "Mom, what is a c-a-s-s-e-t-t-e?"  My husband overhearing this tells her it is a "cass-ette" and starts laughing.  After that dies down, she wants to know how to use one.  I tell her there is a tape player in the garage.  Mentioning a tape player - that brings up a whole new round of questions, haha.  For the next 10 minutes she was in the garage trying to figure out how to work "the old dinosaur" while Dustin and I laughed.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Know what this is?

The hunt for cute and modest dresses is never ending.  And affordable.  That's a criteria too.  :)  Tonight we found a cute skirt and shirt combo, even though my daughter really wanted a dress.  Well blue moons are pretty rare, and so is an occasion when my daughter and I both agree on clothing, so of course yes I will buy it!

When we're checking out, I ask the sales lady if she thinks the top and skirt go well together.  I think it does, but I am not a fashion expert by any stretch of the imagination.  Yes, I know that's such a shocker for those of you who know me ha ha.

She looks at them and slowly tells me, "Yes, those go well together.  Or you can wear this (holding up the skirt) as a dress ..."

We didn't know it was a dress!  Completely oblivious!  Lol, my daughter is the same height as me right now and, well, that just isn't very tall.  Regular stuff is always too long so when it was dragging on the ground I told my daughter it's for tall people and to just pull it up a bit.  :)

I still bought it, and yes, it's a skirt for us.  And it looks great on her, especially with the top we bought.  She'll look very nice and modest at her next band concert - hey, wearing her stuff!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Fun

Two funny things that happened at church today:

First, this baby we got to play with during Sacrament meeting got a fist full of my husbands beard and wouldn't let go.  Those of us watching thought it was pretty funny as she pulled and pulled ...

Second, a little girl was giving her talk in primary.
Her mom, prompting her, "Today I am going to talk about"
Little girl, "Today I talk about"
Mom, "The Plan of Salvation"
Little girl, "The Plan of Celebration"
:)  I think it fits.