Sunday, October 31, 2010

Innocence of Youth

(No sting intended, I laughed so it's ok for you to laugh as well.)  While coloring, the kids were each taking their turns talking about when their moms were going to pick them up. 

"My mom's gonna pick me up after naptime."
"My mom's gonna pick me up before dinner."
"My mom's gonna pick me up too!"
Looking at me, asking "When is your mom gonna pick you up?   Oh, that's right, your mom's dead so you don't have a mommy anymore."
My response, "Actually I still have a mommy"
"Oh, did you bought a new one?"

As if ANY mom could ever be replaced, but it was funny!

Quite amused, I told her that yes my mommy is in heaven, and she is still my mommy. 
The next question to me is, "How do you get to heaven and back to see her?"  :)

Friday, October 29, 2010


This morning my daughter woke up and gave me a hug, she pulled back, rubbed her hands on my sides and belly and tells me, "Mom!  You've lost fat!  At least it feels smaller ..."  (this after eating a donut for breakfast - and no it wasn't organic)

Lunch with 3 Year Olds

Sitting quietly - unusual but it did happen - arranging his lunch at the table.  First the piece of ham goes down, then the carrots on top, when another 3 year old asks him, "Why are you playing with your food?"  His response, "I'm not, they're going to sleep."  After thinking about it for a minute she asks him, "Where is the blanket?"  He looks down at his food, picks up the banana, lays it across the carrots and says, "There it is!"  She looks down at her own plate and says, "I wish my food was sleeping too."

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Adventures in Potty Training

While potty training, I reward toddlers pretty heavily. Nothing says good job like a clump of sugar, right? One of the little guys I watch right now was at his grandma's house and after doing his business joyfully told her, "I poop for candy!"

A Gift for Me

While visiting my dad in another state, he gives us our Christmas presents to take home. Of course we're not waiting that long to open them - but before we dive in, my kids ask me if I have any guesses of what it is. Not likely. My dad gets whatever looks good to him at any given point of time - not much chance of guessing what it is. We dive in and get not one, but two ...

I called my sister and had another good laugh, she pointed out there might be something inside of the boxes. This is from my dad so I hadn't thought about that, but huh - maybe? Nope. Had to admit though, he did get me one of the best presents he could have, money can't buy how happy laughing at this has made me. Merry Christmas! :)

Loyalty ...

We live close to 2 rival universities, most commonly known by their mascots - the ducks and the beavers.

Today a 3 year old little girl announces, "I love everyone in the WHOLE world! ... except the devil ... and the ducks! ... cause we love the beavers, hu!"