Sunday, October 31, 2010

Innocence of Youth

(No sting intended, I laughed so it's ok for you to laugh as well.)  While coloring, the kids were each taking their turns talking about when their moms were going to pick them up. 

"My mom's gonna pick me up after naptime."
"My mom's gonna pick me up before dinner."
"My mom's gonna pick me up too!"
Looking at me, asking "When is your mom gonna pick you up?   Oh, that's right, your mom's dead so you don't have a mommy anymore."
My response, "Actually I still have a mommy"
"Oh, did you bought a new one?"

As if ANY mom could ever be replaced, but it was funny!

Quite amused, I told her that yes my mommy is in heaven, and she is still my mommy. 
The next question to me is, "How do you get to heaven and back to see her?"  :)


  1. YOUR mom cannot be replaced, tis true.

  2. how sweet that they know about your mom.

    you know tara's story about when aidan asked if her mom was mad at her? it's one of my favorites.

  3. I don't know that story. I'll be sure to ask though!