Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Gift for Me

While visiting my dad in another state, he gives us our Christmas presents to take home. Of course we're not waiting that long to open them - but before we dive in, my kids ask me if I have any guesses of what it is. Not likely. My dad gets whatever looks good to him at any given point of time - not much chance of guessing what it is. We dive in and get not one, but two ...

I called my sister and had another good laugh, she pointed out there might be something inside of the boxes. This is from my dad so I hadn't thought about that, but huh - maybe? Nope. Had to admit though, he did get me one of the best presents he could have, money can't buy how happy laughing at this has made me. Merry Christmas! :)


  1. Lol, if only all off the wall presents were so easy to laugh at, or maybe it is just your ability to laugh. :D

  2. and i STILL haven't opened to see what i have. now THAT is taking some self control!

  3. Well dang, now we have to find something different for you this year. Can't give you the same thing your dad did.