Friday, June 27, 2014


This morning my daughter and I were talking and the topic of voice mail (not an answering machine) greetings came up.  I mentioned how our home phone has a generic nice, more professional greeting and how my cell phone has a fun, more personal greeting - which starts as "Heeellllllooooooooo!"  I explained how it came from a Seinfeld episode years ago.  Her response, "Mom, nobody knows what that is."

Then last night, she was going through a box of books my mother-in-law gave us, which includes some books on CD and some on tape.  She found a few of the latter that sounded interesting to her and came to me asking, "Mom, what is a c-a-s-s-e-t-t-e?"  My husband overhearing this tells her it is a "cass-ette" and starts laughing.  After that dies down, she wants to know how to use one.  I tell her there is a tape player in the garage.  Mentioning a tape player - that brings up a whole new round of questions, haha.  For the next 10 minutes she was in the garage trying to figure out how to work "the old dinosaur" while Dustin and I laughed.