Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It has literally been 5 years since I've ordered checks, and alas, the time to reorder has come.  The quality of the pictures aren't so great because I blew them up a bit so you can see them better.  Check these out:

Caption:  FOCUS - You may be closer to your goals than you think.

Caption:  MOTIVATION - Nothing unlocks your true potential like an 800 lb. killing machine.

AMBITION - Dream big... Just not while you are hunting.

CREATIVITY - Do whatever it takes to be outstanding in your field

Offer code G388 for much better prices  (This design is call BUCK WEAR)


  1. I love these, especially that top one, but I guess they probably come in a set so you get all of them. Cool.

  2. those are awesome! i may be ordering the same checks as you!