Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sun? Again? What?

While we were blessed to see the sun last weekend, the past week was yes - more rain and cloudy weather.  The sun did shine for a bit today, and we happen to be outside during those few precious hours.  Without sunscreen on.  Because really, who needs that here?

Well, we should have.  And in the aftermath of our joyous afternoon in the sun, our search for aloe vera began. 

The first store, honestly I don't even know how the guy kept a straight face while asking me what type of aloe vera I was looking for, to eat?  Or what?  I'm as red as a lobster.  My daughter is making quiet comments for my ears only about his line of questioning and I'm trying so hard to keep a straight face.  No such luck.  No aloe vera.  Check back in the summer time.

Store number 2.  Well there's lotion with aloe vera and shampoo and soaps and all sorts of stuff, even liquid aloe vera for those who want to drink it?  (Have you ever tasted the aloe vera from an aloe vera plant?  You can't even get rid of that taste in your mouth with garlic ...)  We did end up asking for help again and this lady was bound and determined to find us some aloe vera.  Yup, the kind that reminds you of a dog with a bone.  And aloe vera stuff we did find.  Her approach was along the lines of, "You have to have lidocaine in it too.  You have to have the pain killer for your face.  Have you tried calamine lotion?  Or neosporin.  That'll help with the pain."  As she keeps looking at my face her determination keeps growing.  So do my daughter's comments about, "You have to have this!  You have to have this!"  -Again for my ears only.  So hard not to bust up.  It was hard for the helpful lady to let go and we left store number 2 without any aloe vera.  Got some ice cream though ; )

Store number 3.  After several relays of people asking people where the aloe vera, there was some aloe vera something - I didn't even recognize the first 5 ingredients and left.

Store number 4.  Yup, at this time I'm thinking it would've been smarter to drive the half an hour each way to the bigger town . . . we did our usual sweep of where I think it would be and then ask.  The answer is that it's on the other side of the store.  Okay.  Get over there, forget about looking, I'm going straight for the asking.  What's the answer?  Oh it's on the other side of the store.  I just stared at him and said, "that's what they told me over there."  My daughter is being the comic and I'm ignoring her at this point cause really, how many stores do you have to go to in a city that's sunless for half the year?  I'm starting to think - the world may never know.  The guy looks at my face, looks at my arms, and takes pity on me.  Puts down the stuff he's stocking and walks me around to the next aisle and said, "Maybe he's talking about this stuff."  And guess what.  Store number 4 has something that's close enough to aloe vera gel that I'll buy it.  And my daughter's almost looney at this point from cracking so many jokes.  We turned up the radio and sang loud all the way home.

As for the sun, well we have proof that it shone here.  At least for a few more days.


  1. Lol... you need to stock up on Aloe Vera. And where are photos of your redness? I can hear Mom's voice about sunscreen, funny cause she would always hide her bonnett hat from her mom though while outside playing huh

  2. I saw your post on fb today and I got sucked in to reading your blog. I love it! A tip for sunburns: use regular Noxzema, you know the white cream in the blue jar? I am allergic to Aloe so that is what I have found to use. Also vinegar compresses work well, stinky, but effective :)