Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Saga Continues . . .

Since I've last posted about the tooth fairy, 2 more teeth have been placed under my daughter's pillow.  The second tooth was placed there last night, it's one she's been holding onto for a few months because she wasn't ready for the tooth fairy yet.  Which means, she hadn't decided on which tactic to take to try and catch the tooth fairy.  (hee hee)

Last night she decided she was ready.  And made it very very easy for us, I mean er - the tooth fairy, to reach her envelope with the tooth in it.  Right on the side of her pillow.  Not even underneath, were are all of the little traps we, er again I mean the tooth fairy has to avoid?!?

So inside her envelope is a wadded up tiny piece of tissue.  No tooth.  So what did she find in the morning?  Two crispy tiny printed off dollar bills.    :)


  1. lol...

    by the way, edit this post...cuz i think she gets caught up on your blog from time to time...and ou wrote, "..for us, I mean er - ..." :)

    1. She knows the truth, she just REALLY wants to believe. :) It's this great game she's playing, who's going to call BS first? lol