Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Today is laundry day and after camping, there is a LOT!  So first there is a lot of camping clothes to sort into their piles.  And then asking the kids to come sort their laundry.  And again asking the kids to come sort their laundry.  Get the first load going.  Ask the kids again for their laundry telling them to come sort it or it isn't getting washed today.  Walk away.

Finally I get the last wash started, and everything is even folded and taken care of from all of the other loads.  Yes!  As I'm putting the laundry stuff away, I notice a hat that didn't get washed.  Woops, guess I'll just put it in my hamper and get it next time.

Hey, look at that in my room.  My hamper, full of clothes.  That didn't get washed.

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