Monday, October 7, 2013

How much trouble I can get you in vs. how much trouble I'll get in, and the winner is:

There are two family members talking in the other room within earshot, this is where my attention was grabbed:

Family member #1:  "... I'll tell mom on you."

Family member #2:  "Ya, you have a lot of room to talk downing the only Hershey's chocolate there is in the house."

Now there are several parts of this conversation that are pretty funny to me.  First, family member #2 is my son.  Family member #1 is my husband!  Lol, so my son will get in trouble from me but not from him?  Ya, there are several times when it's that way so I can see that.  Then, my son knows his ammunition well enough to know he won't get tattled on if he uses what he has - chocolate.  The last of it and you're daring to eat it.  The implication is clear - you're not telling on me anytime soon Dad.

I'm still laughing.


  1. oh...didn't a small part of you want to go in and say, "did you love that candy bar honey?" just to see the look on your son's face? :)