Saturday, March 12, 2011

Is it just me?

The time has rolled around to get a new printer.  After way to many hours of searching for what we want, reading reviews, searching about cartridges, and hunting for sales, ta-da!  Finally - I'm going to go buy the printer.  (insert cheering here ...)

Part of getting a lower price is trading in our old printer for their "recycling" program.  Saves me money and unloads the old printer so I'm game.  So I haul in the old printer and realize, hey - I still have 4 good ink cartridges inside of here that are worth $3 a pop - that's another $12 I can take off of the price tag.  But you can only get the ink cartridges out when the printer is on.  Hmmm.  (Should've just walked away at this point...)  So I talk to the salesperson and they're very willing to plug it in and let me get them out.

Yup, pulling those suckers out and bam.  The yellow starts dripping ink all over the white counter and floor.  Nice.  I was so embarrassed.  The lady behind the counter quickly walked away.  The guy stuck there with me promptly went to gets supplies we go to town cleaning it.  Almost done.  What do I do?  While trying to shift the paper towels in my hand, I completely drop the ink cartridge and yellow ink goes spraying everywhere.  What can I say at this point?  My daughter tells me, "Way to go mom."  Thanks for that, now spray over there so I can wipe it up and be quick about it!

Well their store is clean now - I can't say the same for my shoes and pants.  Yellow looks good on me right?  In any case, it'll be a while before I go there again.


  1. Lol... that's funny and I would have been embarrassed too. ha ha that the female walked away but the man stayed to help clean it up. he should get employee kudos or something