Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Difference between boys & girls

This past weekend we celebrated our anniversary.  While we were gone, we gave the kids a list of things to do before they could play or watch any electronics.  This list included riding their bikes to the library, which they did.  While there, they ran into a neighbor.  Here's part of the conversation:

My friend, "Is your mom here?"
My son, "No"
Friend, "Is your dad here?"
Son, "No"
Friend, "Who are you here with?"
Son, "Nobody"
Friend, "How did you get here?"
Son, "Bikes"

Then my daughter cuts in, "Mom and Dad are gone scuba diving celebrating their anniversary.  It isn't really their anniversary today but they can't celebrate it on their real anniversary because dad's back in school and has a really busy schedule.  They tried to celebrate it last weekend but it didn't work and they tried to go diving yesterday but they went today instead . . . "


  1. The conversation with your son oddly reminds me of many conversations I have had with my husband. Can't you tell that I'm fishing for information??? Can't you just tell me the story. Boys. Your daughter knew just what I was fishing for and gave me the WHOLE story. Girls.