Thursday, May 3, 2012

Can you roll your r's?

I can't.  Never have been able to.  I can fake it, but it isn't even close.  My daughter finds great humor in this and today she's at it again, attempting to teach me how to roll my r's.  After laughing at me for a bit, she tries rolling her r's by sucking in instead of breathing out.  The result?  A hilarious sucking in sound - try it, it's funny sounding!  I immediately crack up and she tells me, "See mom!  That's how funny you are to me!"


  1. too weird. ladawn can't do it either...right?

  2. Its what I spent those years in elementary for because I couldn't say my r's or roll them and had to practice them for like 2 years! And of course kids that go to speech get teased... but you know what? we're the hotties now :-)