Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Word

Sometimes it can be dangerous learning new things.  Like when you're taking your new found knowledge out for a test spin, it's good to do it away from the person who's going to blog about it.  :)

But I don't name names and I usually ask permission so it's all good.  Right? 

We're sitting at lunch and my friend tells the rest of us about a new word she has learned.  "Indolent" - it means lazy.  We're chatting about how it's a fun word and sounds sophisticated and nothing like what it really means.  And then we start practicing how to use this new word.

One friend, "I'm feeling indolent today."  (Imagine the high and mighty voice, and the wide sweeping gesture with the arm ... )

Another friend, "What an indolent day it is." 

And yet another friend, "Are you impotent today?"   Oops, wrong word.

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