Monday, June 4, 2012

"Never ask a woman her age."  A saying that is right under, "Never ask a women if she's pregnant."  Well I've never had a problem with the first question, and recently have begun to wonder why this adage is so strong.  Today I found out.

While discussing a math problem, a fellow student (I really thought he was older than me), reveals the year he graduated high school.  I look at him and say, "That's the year my youngest was born."  (I know, my mistake for bringing it up.)  Of course he asks me how old I am.  Looking at him and wondering if I should tell the truth, I pause for a bit before answering honestly. 

His physical response gave me the answer to why you never ask a woman her age.

He literally rocked backwards as if a full force baseball hit him in the face. 

Ya.  I'll never tell again.

1 comment:

  1. Tell it proud! I love saying my age...when I can remember. :)

    Course, I love it more when people don't believe it. Or the girls are told their mom looks young.

    I did not take it so well when someone thought I was Susan's older sister. That still bugs me. I mean, she looks good, but...

    Anyway, take it as a compliment...because you blew him away!