Saturday, June 2, 2012


You know sometimes you're in a zone and even if what you're trying to find is standing in front of you, you have a hard time seeing it?  Well that didn't happen to me the other day.  But it did for another lady.

I'm walking out of a bathroom stall, and there's an older lady standing in the corner bent over looking to see if there are feet in the stalls.  Since I'm walking out of a stall, naturally I'd expect her to stop.  But she doesn't.  She's trying to look around me, annoyed that I'm in her way.  I badly wanted to say, "There's not another person in there ..." but held my tongue. 

And I'm really hoping she was just in that zone.  I'm telling myself she was.

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  1. lol...kind of difficult not taking that personally, eh?