Sunday, February 13, 2011


Today at church, there were a few funny things I had to pass on:

Imagine a family sitting in a pew.  From left to right, you have (main players) dad, mom, and a little guy.  The little guy is throwing things into the aisle.  The dad finally has his fill and stands up, scoots past his pregnant wife, and towards the little guy.  The little guy looks up and sees his dad coming.  Right before he gets scooped up he utters, "Uh-oh."

Another family in a different row.  Main players again left to right, dad, mom, teenage son, and his friend that's a girl.  So during the meeting, the son keeps flirting with the girl - whispering about this and that.  The mom taps her son on the shoulder and tells him to pay attention.  His response, "I am."  And goes back to talking to the girl.

So now we're in Sunday school.  While a lady is talking, I notice that she has the same exact hair color as the lady sitting next to her.  I quietly whisper to my husband, "Hey look - they use the same hair dye."  My step-brother-in-law (how weird is that title?) is sitting in front and me and turns his head sideways to tell me, "I heard that."  Busted.

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  1. whisper like doug, eh? he thinks he's's not too quiet.