Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rubber Bands

Little guy (age 3) likes rubber bands.  He just wears them around his wrist, hasn't figured out how to flip people -yet - so it's all good for now.  Since we get the newspaper, there is a daily supply for him.  Every now and then the rubber band will be blue, which is his ultimate favorite.  Yesterday his last blue rubber band broke.  Instead of throwing it away, he puts it on the counter - which is a sign for the magic fairy to fix it please.  :)

Today's newspaper just happen to have a blue rubber band around it.  So this morning when he sees the new rubber band he looks at me and proclaims, "Hey!  You fixed it!"


  1. you should get some of those shaped ones. i refuse to let jake have any (just 'cause i'm mean) and aidan's preschool teacher gave him some for christmas. it was awesome.

  2. lol...i love that he loves blue ones.

    you're cool.