Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The hunt is on?

This past Saturday was the opening day for the archery hunt.  My husband left on Friday afternoon so he was all set up for opening morning.  (Wish him luck!)

The plan is for us to meet up on Sunday afternoon.  After church, I'll load up a picnic lunch and we'll meet about an hour's drive for me (2 hours for him - he gets better fuel mileage).  And our son will stay with him for the rest of the week.  Sounds simple, right?

All is going to plan.  Have lunch ready before church.  Go to church.  Have my cell phone ring during Sunday School opening prayer (isn't there a reason why I haven't brought it with me for several years?), and well, get home, pack, and headed out for a great afternoon.

Get to the park where we're meeting.  Eat lunch.  Enjoy the sun!!!  Watch the kids play.  Talk.  Trade stuff from my vehicle to his truck.  Wait a minute.  What's missing?  My son's bow.  What is he going to be doing for the next week and what doesn't he have?  AHHHHH!!!  Sigh.


  1. blame it on me. if it's not written down, i'll forget it. :D

  2. Sorry about the phone call... ;} I love you!