Wednesday, August 24, 2011



So mom would take off her earrings during her dates with dad and leave them in his car's ashtray. 
And then forget them.

Now, I don't know if that was on purpose, but it was awful smart of her...because then he'd have to see her again to return her earrings...yeah?

One night, he gave her a handful of earrings back.  How much jewelry did she have? 
I don't know, but she was about to get more.

She was in her room, putting her earrings away, when what did she see?

Yup.  That gorgeous ring that he designed.  With the diamond that he had brought back from South Africa.

She went to look outside and there was dad.  On the lawn.  On one knee.  Waiting for her.

All together now:   aaahhhhhhh......

For pictures and a great told mini story of them, check out my sister's blog:


  1. I have to tell you...the closing song at church this sunday was the good ol' standby of 'I Have a Family Here on Earth...' My assistant organist was playing that day...but before the song, I look at her to check with her (cuz she's having a tough time right now with her son) and she's bawling. So I go up and play for her and although I was shaking something silly, NEVER have I felt so many testimonies being sung. It was incredible. Love you.

  2. one ever told me this story! that's absolutely sweeet! :)