Friday, August 19, 2011

Kite Festival

Lincoln City, Oregon has a kite festival every summer.  We really like going to it and seeing the "regulars".  There are always amazing kites that are HUGE!!!  Here's a small sample:

They take their kite flying very seriously.  Here's a picture, taken with permission, showing one group with their 2 trailers full of equipment:

There are great kite wars where they knock each other out of the sky, acrobatic kites, sycronized to music performances, just amazing.  Here my daughter got our kite up:

And a few minutes later it was up and flying!

And a few minutes later it was down again.  See my daughter running?  Ya, she's heading towards our kite on the other side of the pool of water there, where our kite went down.  And took about 3 kites out of the sky with it.  And the line was in the water and several small kids were utterly confused about running into a line while joyfully on their way to the ocean.  And I took a picture.  And then went running too.  Good times.

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  1. i had no idea that people had trailers for their kites! that's just...well...good for them! :)