Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Best Candles EVER!

My daughter wakes me up at 2:30 am and I'm thinking to myself, great.  I literally cannot open my left eyelid I'm so tired.  But she needs me so I push through it.  She's doesn't feel good and has thrown up.  And she's crying because she tried so hard to make it to the bathroom and didn't.  And I've ingrained it in their heads to throw up anywhere except on the carpet.  Blankets, clothes, the couch, anywhere except the carpet.  And that's where she made it.  Poor girl.  As I'm getting up, I walk by our dresser and stop.  We just got some new candles and I grab one and light it.  Can I tell you what an awesome job it did to keep the smell at bay?  The only time I got the horrid smell was when I left the candle's vigil.  So I'm thinking it's one amazing candle.  Cause if it can cover vomit stench, it's doing a fantastic job in my book.  So today I'm really glad for these awesome candles:

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