Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cat vs. Chickens

Now those of you who know my daughter know that she LOVES critters.  Doesn't matter.  Dogs, cats, goats, sand fleas, doesn't matter - she's going to hold and take care of them.  Well we got chicks a few months back and they've recently moved into the dog run, which will be their home. 

Meanwhile, for the past few years, there is a black and white cat in our neighborhood that my daughter loves.  It knows that it is very welcome here.  So on its last visit to our house - low and behold - it discovers our chickens.  And decides they look quite tasty.  And my daughter did something I have never seen her do before.  She got mad at an animal in our yard.  REALLY mad!  It was a while before that cat came back.

A few days later it did make it's way back.  I look out the window and this is what I see.  On the open side of the chicken's fenced in pen, the cat is hissing and trying to get at the chickens.  One of the older chicks (they're about 1/2 grown now) is standing right on the other side of the fence looking at the cat, raises up on its feet to reach it's full height, starts flapping its wings at the cat and making it's own chewing out noises.  I kid you not.  That cat got so mad it starts digging fiercely to get under the fence.  The chicken seemed to know it was safe and to me it seemed like it was taunting the cat, "Neener neener!"

And then my daughter ran out and chased the cat away.

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