Friday, May 6, 2011

Remember where you are ...

My sister and I were walking on campus at BYU and just having a regular conversation.  During this conversation, she is telling me how she didn't eat when she was suppose to and now has a migraine coming on - and that she's decided to go back to the hotel, strip, and take a nap.  Laughing at her choice of words and not wanting to find her like that when the rest of us return, I tell her, "You better not get naked ..." right as a BYU male student starts to pass us on his bike but instead rides off the sidewalk, almost crashes into a tree, and wobbles on the bike trying to keep his head down and get back to the pavement.  Oops.


  1. Lol.. Oh that still makes me laugh. It was funny!!

  2. there should be a warning for byu students when we are around! :)