Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hanging with mom

Set the stage:  I'm at the pool doing some paperwork while my son is in his class in the pool.  My husband gets through with scouts and he and my daughter stop by on their way home.  (Yay!  I love surprises, even something this simple.)

Story line:  My husband is getting ready to leave and asks my daughter if she wants to go with him or stay here with her mom and brother.  She stops to think about it and he takes the opportunity to encourage her to stay here and he'll be right back.  She's silent for a few more moments.  I look at her and ask her, "You wanted to go with your daddy, hu."  She is looking down and after a few more seconds perks her head up and in an exasperated voice tells me, "It's not that you're uncool or anything . . . "

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