Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Bright Side

Yesterday we made oreo truffles.  If you haven't had them - I'm sorry, you won't find any at my house.  :)  Instead of regular melted chocolate, we put chocolate ganache on them.  Very tasty. 

This week was my husband's finals.  He has them all done now and is overjoyed that this term is over.  So this morning he's driving our daughter to school and is rubbing it in that she has to go to school and he doesn't.  Her reply, "Ya but mom gave me truffles (in her sack lunch) and you're not going to school so she didn't give you any and I'd rather go to school and have mom's truffles."


  1. lol!

    have you done them with the mint oreos? oh man...i just can't even make them because then i'll eat them!