Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One Liners

After the last little ones wakes up from naptime, a 3 year old who doesn't take naps anymore cause he's a big boy asks me, "Can I be loud now?"

My son's friend is over and he tells me, "I have gas really bad, so just to warn you and sorry."

A little guy who's outgrowing nap time has learned that he gets to watch tv during newly found "quiet time".  All week long he keeps asking if we can have naptime so he can watch a movie.  "Can we take a nap now?"

After getting down the basket of marble works for the kids to play with, there is a loud and llooonnnggg repeated cheer of "Yay!"  Well I can handle it for the first 3 minutes but then after minute 4 of 4 little ones yelling "Yay!" I cut them off and say it's time to do something else now.  A little boy looks up at me and asks, "What should we do besides yell?"

A little 4 year old boy walks up to me and asks, "Are you medium sized?"  I'm choosing to think he's referring to how tall, or short, I am since I was standing next to my husband who is a good foot taller.

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