Saturday, December 25, 2010

Funniest Thing I've Heard in a LONG Time

While taking my kid's friend and her older sister home, I'm asking them about what their New Year's Eve plans are.  The older sister tells me she's having a party, which I respond to with something along the lines of that's good, that's what kids your age are suppose to be doing. 

She then proceeds to tell me that it's her anniversary.  I ask her if she has a boyfriend (I don't keep the best tabs on her, but I'm thinking I would have heard about that...)  She goes quiet and was uncomfortable with the idea of her being attached and then tells me that it isn't that kind of anniversary, but rather the anniversary of when she started.  My mind tells me, no that can't be what she's talking about so I ask her, "Started What?"  Yup, my mind was right.  She tells me that she figures everyone is celebrating that day anyway, so why not have a party for it?  And yes all of her friends know what her party is really for.

She said I could post this, even use her name if I wanted.


  1. This post seems kinda confusing.. I don't really understand. Started.. ? You asked her when she started before she said it was an anniversary of her starting? Oi, I'm so confusied. What did she start? Why can't people just celebrate the New Years?! LOL

  2. Thanks for editing, Dustin tells me I shouldn't write when I'm tired. :)

  3. haha rich celebrates each time i start my period too. one more year and we'll see if he gets snipped or makes another baby. 11 years is enough time for me to be on the pill. :D