Monday, December 27, 2010


Yes I admit we drive 4 hours round trip for 2 hours of sledding.  :)  The snow was pretty packed down and at the bottom of the hill there is a nice uphill runnaway stopping area for those who actually make it that far.

Some of my favorite moments:
  • My son screaming his head off as he's airborn and manages to stay on his tube while returning to the ground.
  • My daughter trying so hard and succeeding in avoiding taking out a little one who wandered onto the sledding zone.  (It was a nice wipeout, have to admit.)
  • My husband making it to the top of the runnaway stopping slope and bailing before he's carried down the other side onto the frozen water down below.
  • My feet in the sky as each 10 lb boot took my legs spinning skyward while wiping out myself.

It was great fun.


  1. Would be great to have photos of all that! I want to take Leanna sledding but this winter haven't had much luck with the whole having enough snow to go yet.. just as well since I don't own a sled yet anyway

  2. Ya ya ya, I know you are a LOT closer to snow than I am ...

    gotta give you a little crap since you already know I miss your area so much!!!

  3. So sad we miss this! It was my moms birthday that day =-)

    - Rachel

  4. The more I watch your parents the more amazed I am by them. I hope she had a fantastic day!!!