Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Peas Please

Yesterday for lunch our vegetable was peas.  Guess how many got eaten?  Not many.  Even with butter & salt.  When my husband got home, he pulled out some blue colored white chocolate.  (It isn't just women that go for chocolate.)  When the little ones asked him what he was eating, he happen to say, "It's blue colored peas.  Do you like peas?"  Of course after not eating for lunch, there was a blank look on the face and asking if it was really blue colored peas.

Today while getting lunch ready I was enthusiatically asked, "Can we have peas today?"


  1. I know you've heard the story of Dustin and the Peas. They must have been mushing around in his mouth for hours! LOL!!!!!!!!

  2. reminds me of when the girls were so excited to eat YELLOW EGGS!!! because we put food coloring in scrambled eggs for so long they forgot they're really yellow...then came the day when we ran out of food coloring and i was all...what do we do? (cuz they wouldn't eat the eggs before, thus the colored eggs which they loved) dave said, "today we're having YELLOW EGGS!!!" they all cheered...problem solved. :)