Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Always a Surprise

This true story starts out on a rainy morning.  This morning to be precise.  It's raining today, which it does 6 months out of the year and my husband is outside moving stuff in the back of the truck around.  He comments to me that he needs a rain coat on.  Okay, since I'm not doing anything else to help him, I can get him something to keep him dry at least.  :)  Cause I love my husband.  :)

When he puts the jacket on, it's a few minutes but eventually his hands go into the pockets.  He stops, makes a funny face, and slowly pulls out not 1 handful, but both hands full of broken sea shells, melted and rehardened goo, some old kleenex, and I'm really not sure of what the rest is.  He's grossed out and I'm laughing.  So to that very special someone who was with us at the beach this past summer, borrowed a jacket, and was kind enough to be the garbage can for all of the kids - thank you.  This morning was a round of laughs when we figured it out.  :)


  1. Sorry, but it was my hay fever season. I'm sure most of the bacteria is dead by now. I hope he used some antibacterial soap or spray or something on his hands after cleaning out those pockets. Okay, I'm laughing very hard here and can't really see what I'm typing through the tears, so I hope I spelled everything okay.

  2. don't you love finding stuff in pockets of jackets? i put my jacket on the other night and found a kudos wrapper. ??? can't remember the last time i bought kudos, let alone eat one, but apparently it was last time it was cold...

  3. i laughed so hard I couldn't keep reading out loud for my girls. :) I like it when I put on coats from last year and find money in my pockets! :>