Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Day

When we first moved to Oregon and saw that they closed schools down for "snow days" when in reality there wasn't enough snow on the ground to cover the grass, I thought it was pretty funny.  I now understand that underneath the fine layer of dust is ice.  Nice ice that is going to be around for a while if it's cold enough to snow.

So today was a snow day.  No school for the kids - yippie!  Instead, there was laughing about the tiny baby snowflakes and wondering if they were going to stick.   The forgotten coats and borrowing older kids jackets so they can get in on the fun.  Making snow angels out of 1/3 snow, 1/3 leaves, and 1/3 mud.  Coming in without gloves and "showing" everyone how cold their hands are.  The pile of shoes, jackets, hats by the back door that I really am grateful didn't make it further into the house.  Watching movies to warm up.  Eating ice cream.  And then going back outside for more.  It's almost dark right now, the back porch light is on, and outside are 5 cold and very happy kids.

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