Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Friends' Corner

(From a friend ...)

We just bought a new computer. Just the basic tower, keyboard and mouse. We already had a good monitor. We were down to one sad little speaker and when it stopped working, I sprang for an early Christmas present, a $12.00 speaker set at Target. This morning I tried to install it. I followed the directions step by step, very carefully. I plugged the green tipped plug into the green hole in the computer. I went to the start menu, chose control panel then sound and audio devices etc. etc. and nothing happened. So I called customer support. She walked me through each step and when that didn’t work she suggested it might be our sound card. I searched “sound card” online and installed Driver Boost for the bargain price of $30.00 for 2 years. When that didn’t work, I called my neighbor who happened to be at home on this snow day (Don’t get me started about the schools being shut down because of the skiff of snow we got last night! I grew up in Utah and I don’t remember even 1 snow day!!!) My neighbor walked me through a few other things to check then suggested I call HP for warranty information. I explained to my y 7-year old, who had been patiently waiting for his turn on the computer that I needed to fix the sound and then he could have his turn. He promptly walked over to the keyboard and pushed the mute button.... Voila! We have sound! ....WHO KNEW THERE WAS A MUTE BUTTON ON THE KEYBOARD????!!!!!


  1. Only seven year olds know about those kinds of things. I can't wait for my little tech'ees to be able to fix all my electronics for me in the near future.