Thursday, November 25, 2010

Have I ever seen Dustin embarrassed before?

My husband is such the charmer.  My father was a romantic and set the bar pretty high for his daughters' husbands.  My husband doesn't try to match my dad but does romance his own personal style, which is great in my opinion. 

So this morning after a one-upping sarcastic match gone wrong, I get a text from my husband.  Maybe you've seen it - the cartoon dancing turkey with the song, "Thank You for Being A Friend" playing in the background.  Ahh, gotta check and see what time he sent it to see if it was after I was annoyed at him or before.  But before I do, there's a caption under it.  It says, "Hey turkey!  I love you!  I am thankful you are a part of my life.  (I'm thinking, awww - then the last line grabs my attention.)  -Lisa Timothy"

Ok - so let's see what time he sent it first.  6 minutes ago.  K, after I was annoyed.  Knowing my husband, I'm even more curious.  Who else did he send this to?  Quickly I look under details.  This is when I start laughing because he has sent it to a whole bunch of people.  I know he's outside working on the truck, but really talking to our neighbor right now so I just gotta tease him.  I walk outside and ask him, "Hey love, do you know what you just sent a bunch of people?"  His response, a little cautious, "Uh ...  ya?"  I'm laughing and tell him, "I don't think you do - look at this."  His expression was priceless.  Right then he gets a text back from one of the guys he studies with at school asking him who Lisa Timothy is.  Oh, he goes red and was so embarrassed.  He sent it to his mom, his sister, guys from work & school, ...

Yes he did grant me permission to post this.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, the text came from Jaren just so y'all know.


  1. Yes, Jeanne got the one that said "Lisa Timothy" on it. It didn't make sense, so we ignored it.

  2. LISA TIMOTHY!!!!!!!!!

    (i love it because now we have something new to holler!!!)